The Summer Lunch Bunch program is volunteer driven! That means we need you to help us make this program work. There are opportunities all summer for YOU to jump in and serve. Your starting point is to…


Read on for FAQ’s…

The start date for this program is Monday, June 17th, and the end date is Friday, August 23rd. We will be serving lunch Monday through Friday with the exception of July 4th and 5th.

Who Can Volunteer?

ANYONE! Families, businesses, organizations, teams, neighborhoods, moms, dads, grandparents, retired folks, teenagers (with transportation), ANYONE!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Volunteer?

This is one of our FAVORITE questions! Many times for children to volunteer, they must be at least 16 years old. Not in our program! In fact, we LOVE for stay at home moms/dads to bring their children to help. It is a great way for families to serve together and to talk about the needs in our community. The best part is YOUR kids can also eat the lunches!

Students in high school are encouraged to serve for community service hours. The only caveat is all volunteers will need their own transportation to The Journey (our starting point) and to the apartment complex where you are volunteering.

How Do I Sign Up To Volunteer?

1 – Sign up on our volunteer site. You can choose to serve 1 day this summer, 3 days, 3 weeks, every day, the choice is yours! We would ask you not to take spots you are not sure you can fill.

2 – Show up on the day you signed up to serve!

What Should I Expect Once I Sign Up?

Once you sign up, we are required by the USDA to run a simple background check. We know many of you have high level clearances in your line of work but we are required to have our own background check on file.

Take a few minutes and watch our training video. It is quick, simple, and tells you everything you will need to do.

One week prior to your volunteer day, you will receive a detailed document via email about your duties for the day you are serving.

The day you show up to serve, we will hold a short 10-minute training session to remind you of your duties for the day.

What Will A Typical Day Look Like?

11:30 am – Arrive at The Journey Church

11:30-11:45 am – Meeting and Pick Up: We will hold a brief meeting to go over your role for the day (you will already know most of this info from a short training session and an email you will receive the week prior to serving). We will fill volunteer vehicles with the lunches for the day and with fun buckets (possibly a tent and table too). You will then drive to your site.

11:45am -12:00 pm – At the site, you will set up at the appointed lunch area. This may include a small pop up tent to be used for shade and a table or two for the food.

12:00-1:00pm – Kids will begin showing up for lunch and you will start handing out meals! You will also have a FUN BUCKET at your site. This bucket will hold games, balls, frisbees, jump ropes, coloring books and more for the kids to play. We invite our volunteers to play with the kids at this time.

1:00-1:15pm – Clean up the lunch area. All items (tents, tables, fun buckets, extra food, etc) will then be taken back to the Journey Church to be dropped off.



Your $10 helps support our program this summer. Plus, you get a great t-shirt to wear!