The Program

Fairfax County has the third highest median household income in the United States. Wealth is everywhere. At the same time, unbeknownst to many in our county, we find a large population of under resourced families too.

56,400 children in Fairfax County are on the free/reduced lunch program funded by the USDA. In the Springfield area, we have schools who are approaching 90% of their students on this program. Thankfully, the USDA and our school system are providing for these children during the school year, but what happens when school ends? What happens when the doors close for the nine weeks our kids are at home?

Every summer, Fairfax County Food And Nutrition Services (FCFNS) does an amazing job feeding kids through the USDA’s Summer Food Services Program. Many children are getting the food they need by attending summer school, participating in camps, and even through FCFNS’s BBQ trucks. Yet, we still find a large portion of kids who aren’t in summer school, who aren’t attending camps, or who do not live close to where the BBQ trucks will be stationed.

The biggest hindrance for children to get to meal sites is transportation.

The Summer Lunch Bunch program is in place to remove that barrier.

This year, at four local sites in Springfield, we will continue to serve lunch where these children live! Jump in and volunteer with us, share the news with others, be one of our sponsors, support us financially, or just cheer us on!

Let’s take a bigger bite out of child hunger in Fairfax County!

Check out our volunteer page to read more about how you can serve.



Your $10 helps support our program this summer. Plus, you get a great t-shirt to wear!